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Military - Army - Navy - Air Force
in South and Southern Africa

* I have a couple of unknown tanks and trucks that I need identification for, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated

Military Photo Index

Page Description Updated
Air Force Index Military Planes, Helicopters etc (In the Aircraft Section) 2008
Army Index Armoured Vehicles, Tanks, Trucks, Artillery, 02-11-2009
Navy Index SA Navy Vessels, Foreign Navy Vessels to our shores etc 2008
Military Books Army, Navy, Airforce books  
Military Tattoo The Castle - Cape Town - 15th November 2007 12-05-2008
Armistice Day - Poppy History The history of the poppy and 2 Minutes of Silence 17-11-2006
Armistice Day 1    2    3 11-11-2007 - Cape Town 12-05-2008
Armistice Day 1    2    3 11-11-2007 - Walmer, Port Elizabeth 12-05-2008
Armistice Day 1    2 11-11-2007 - Hermanus 12-05-2008
Armistice Day 1    2 11-11-2006 - Hermanus Freedom of /  Armistice Day Parade 10-03-2007
Battle of Square Hill 1    2    3 20-09-2008 - 90th Commemoration Service of the Battle of Square Hill 03-11-2009
Border Campaign Service 1    2 01-02-2009 - Memorial Service Dawn Patrol Shellhole 04-11-2009
Border Campaign Service 04-02-2007 - Memorial Service Dawn Patrol Shellhole 10-03-2007
Delville Wood 1    2    3 19-07-2009 - 93rd Anniversary Commemoration Service 03-11-2009
Delville Wood 1    2    3    4 20-07-2008 - 92nd Anniversary Commemoration Service 03-11-2009
Delville Wood 1    2    3 15-07-2007 - 91st  Anniversary Commemoration Service 13-11-2007
El Alamein 1    2 26-10-2008 - Annual Commemoration Service 03-11-2009
El Alamein 1    2 21-10-2007 - Annual Commemoration Service 13-11-2007
Jan Smuts Remembrance 1    2    3 24-05-2009 - Jan Smuts Remembrance Day - Cape Town 04-11-2009
Mills Bomb Shellhole 04-11-2007 - Memorial Service - 32Bn 10-11-2007

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This page is one of the most popular ones on the site and I am in  constant need of photos, if anyone has any photos of any military vehicles, vessels or aircraft that I could use on the site please send me an

The story behind the 2 minutes of Silence and the Poppy

The story behind the 2 minutes of Silence and the Poppy

Who knows the history of the SAS Mendi

The Loss of the Troopship Mendi

I didn't, I must admit I just thought it was named the Mendi for some or other reason and did not put any other thought into it, until I read The Loss of the Troopship Mendi article on Derek's site, which gave me a touch of gooseflesh, a touch of pride, because I am from the Eastern Cape, and a bigger feeling of anger against the 'powers that be' in those days, who swept it all under the carpet.  I also wonder if the master of the other ship ever felt real gut wrenching remorse at what  grief his actions at sea caused to the families left behind.  Read the article....... its a must read for anyone interested in military ships and their history.......Lots more on Derek's   All At Sea   site.

The Death Dance

"Be quiet and calm, my countrymen, for what is taking place is exactly what you came to do. You are going to die... but that is what you came to do. Brothers, we drilling the death drill. I, a Xhosa, say you are my brothers. Swazi's, Pondo's, Basuto's, we die like brothers. We are the sons of Africa. Raise your war cries, brothers, for though they made us leave our assegaais in the kraal, our voices are left with our bodies. "

Reverend Isaac Dyobha
21st February 1916

Read more The Loss of the Troopship Mendi

Photos submitted by:-

CD : Craig Duckham
GP : Geoff Pethick
RA : Bob Adams
VH : Vic Haynes
DK : Dylan Knott
DW : Derek Walker
LdP : Len du Preez
HvW : Hennie van Wyk
JD : John Dovey
MvA : Marius van Aardt
AJK : JayKay
BP : Bruce Perkins
SEC : Webmaster's better
DL : Dirk Lombard
BD : Bill Devy
GN : Graham North
ABC : My Dad [Slides]
DvdB : Danie van den Berg
MF : Manuel Ferreira
CB : Colyn Brookes
JL : Jakes Louw
LC : Leon Croucamp
JY : John Young
TE : Tony Ellis
DC : Webmaster

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