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We have 700 000 road accidents a year in South Africa (that is not a typo - SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND).
Every year about 18 000 South Africans die in motor accidents. 150 000 other people are injured, often seriously. (MRC)
On a daily basis, 45 people die and 410 are injured, with 25 people becoming paralyzed.
SADD (South Africans against Drunk Driving).

The photos above are part of SADD's Campaigns to build awareness against drunk driving.

Reasons for the Accident Awareness Photo pages: (See links below)
These pages are here to create awareness regarding vehicle accidents in South Africa, images are here so people can see what REALLY happens when things go wrong. Nobody is pointing fingers or finding any party at fault, we are simply putting this stuff here so maybe just one person sees it and drives a little more carefully tomorrow. No images are edited so things may and probably will be more graphic than the stuff in the newspaper and on TV (what most people are used to),  its portrayed here just as it happens out on the roads - Called the shock factor - We show these pictures with the greatest respect to all people involved in the accident, so if you see yourself here please don't be upset with us, you are doing your country a favour and may just prevent a family from losing a loved one, so thank you.

Come on people, you owe it to yourself and the next person on the road to drive a little more carefully, try thinking about it all for a minute because the time its taken you to read the last 2 words, is about the same time it takes to destroy your life, totally. Having seen it almost everyday, I can't tell you how many times people have wished to go 5 minutes back in time and change their actions, but they can't, its too late, and someone else is dead because of it.

Now try living with that on your conscience.

Justin Mc Arthur

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Horrific Accident on N3 added 04-11-2010

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