Do you know what it is? Would you recognize it in others? Would you recognize it in yourself?  The following is a test to help you determine the road rage potential Within yourself.

The problem is not the presence of anger,  but uninhibited anger - unmanaged anger.

Do you:
  1. Mentally condemn other drivers
  2. Verbally denigrate/belittle other drivers to passengers in your car
  3. Close ranks to deny someone entering your lane
  4. Give another driver a dirty look
  5. Speed past another car or rev your engine as a sign of protest
  6. Prevent another driver from passing
  7. Tailgate or pressure a driver to go faster or get out of the way
  8. Fantasize physical violence against another driver
  9. Hoot or yell at someone through the window
  10. Make a visible obscene gesture at another driver
  11. Use your Car to retaliate by making sudden, threatening manoeuvres
  12. Pursue another car in a chase
  13. Get out of the car and engage in verbal abuse
  14. Carry a weapon in the car in case you decide to use it
  15. Deliberately bump or ram another car
  16. Try to run another car off the road to punish the driver
  17. Get out of the car and beat or batter someone
  18. Try to run someone down
  19. Shoot at another car
  20. Kill someone
1 point for each Yes answer.

Score Yourself (the highest number that applied to you)

1-3 The unfriendly zone
4-7 The hostile zone
8-11 The violent zone
12-16 The lesser mayhem zone
17-20  The major mayhem zone

If you answered Yes to any of the last 6 questions, it may be time to get anger management counseling.



  1. Don't offend people by cutting them off, driving slowly in the left lane, tailgating, or making gestures.
  2. Don't get into arguments with problem drivers out the window. Give them plenty of room, avoid eye contact, get help - call the police if someone is following you or drive to a public place such as a truck stop. Do not get out of your vehicle. Do not drive home - they may follow you.  Drive to the nearest Police Station and hoot outside, do not get out of your car, or open your doors or windows.
  3. Do adjust your attitude. Forget winning - this is not a race. Put yourself in the other driver's shoes. If you think you have a problem with yourself, ask for help.
  4. Illustrate good safety, courtesy and patience - they are all free. Practice random acts of kindness. Remember, what goes around comes around.
  5. Do not tailgate.
  6. Stay alert for sudden stops.
  7. Signal your intentions.
  8. Let a bus or taxi in when they are indicating to re-join traffic, and give them a big smile, you will be amazed at the response.

I found this test on the Lexington Truck Page, I did e-mail them for permission to use it, but received no reply.
I have also adapted it slightly for South African readers.

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