I have tried to re-produce the articles as they were in the original media, unfortunately this is not always possible as newspapers for example are much wider than computer screens,  its impossible to put 6 columns on a page.  I have included a small image of the original article at the top on each page.  It would also be very 'user-UNfriendly' to scan the article and put it in as an image, to get the writing clear would mean a high resolution picture would have to be used and that would take ages to view, especially for those with dial-up modems.
I have also hyperlinked to websites if the group/organisation etc is mentioned in the article.

Article - Text & Picture[s] Booklet Magazine Article Picture[s] & Description Text only Article
Type Media Article Name Author Date
Evening Post Syd gets all steamed up about trains (Sydney Moir) Adam Brand 8th Aug. 1964
Tydskrif SAS&H The Pumpkin Railway - August 1965
EP Herald Took her last run.  (NG10-61) - 24th Mar. 1970
EP Herald Awkward exhibit for Museum's Transport  Hall (NG10) - March 1970
EP Herald Old engine adds Wild West touch (Baldwin) Adam Brand 1970
SASSAR Kaap-Middellande NG Steam (English) Mr O A van Wyk June 1970
EP Herald Tourist 'express' began as reader's idea (Apple Express) - 8th Oct. 1970
EP Herald 'Apple Express' now big tourist drawcard Herald Reporter 197?
S A Digest NG 15 - Historic Transport Association - 28th Apr. 1972
Evening Post Saga of the Apple Express Richard Rollison 24th Nov. 1973
Booklet Vanishing Steam South African Tourist Corporation 1973
S A Digest Apple's Away The Argus 28th Jun. 1974
Evening Post Baldwin derailed - 20th Aug. 1973
E P Herald Campaign to boost Apple Express Herald Reporter 6th Oct. 1976
SAR Apple Express Leaflet - 1st Apr. 1977
SAR Apple Express Booklet - English Publicity & Travel S A Railways Sept. 1978
S A Digest Apple Express to Adventure N T B 27th Apr. 1979
Weekend Post Puffer No 61. will go to another home Post Reporter 24th Sept. 1979
E P Herald Little train puffs past 75th year (NG) Jon Inggs 30th Oct. 1980
SAS Appel Snel Booklet - Afrikaans Publicity & Travel S A Railways April 1982
E P Herald Old SA Loco for Australia
(NG15's 118 & 123)
- July 1984
E P Herald 'Revival' trip for Apple Express 80th Anv Jenny Cullum [About 1985]
Evening Post He wants to put a loco in Walmer ...... Post Reporter [About 1985]
D.F.A Frieda steams forward alone (25-3511) - 27th Mar. 1986
E P Herald Raring to go in the Great Train Race - 16th Sep. 1987
D.F.A. Fairwell to Steam? (25NC) - March 1992
D.F.A. NC Steam Row Brews (25NC) Marianne Barlow April 1992
P E Express Oupa Lokomotief opgeknap (NGG16) - December 1998
Weekend Post Humansdorp shows off 'Apple' Links - ?
E P Herald Nostalgic train ride to mark retirement Herald Reporter ?
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