Harry Valentine's Articles

Harry Valentine has a degree in Engineering, a background in free-market economics and has extensively
researched the field of transportation energy for over 20 years.

Meet Harry, he will be one of the speakers at
A One-day Conference at the National Railway Museum
Developments in Modern Steam Traction for Railways
11 December 2006


A list of some of his articles follows:-

Train Related

Researching The Ultimate Fireless Steam Locomotive - Part I - 2005

Researching The Ultimate Fireless Steam Locomotive - Part II - 2005

Researching The Ultimate Fireless Steam Locomotive - Part III - 2005

Researching a Heat-Pumped Condensing Steam Locomotive - 2005

Researching an Air-Steam Combined-cycle Locomotive - 2005

Developing a PCM Thermal Rechargeable Quasiturbine Railway Locomotive - 2005

The Quasiturbine in Geothermal Energy Conversion - 2004

Researching a Track-Friendly Modern Steam Locomotive - 2004

A Multi-Section Modern Fireless Steam Locomotive - 2003

Researching a GPCS-Accumulator Steam Locomotive - 2003

Heat Pumping the Fireless Steam Locomotive - 2003

"Supercharging" the Traditional Fireless Steam Locomotive - 2003

Reviving the Classic Heat of Fusion Fireless Steam Locomotives -2003

Researching a Shock-wave Tesla Steam Turbine Locomotive - 2003

A Thermo-Pneumatic Tesla Turbine Locomotive - 2003

 The Possibility of a Steam-Water Turbine Railway Locomotive - 2003

Modernising the Fireless Steam Accumulator Locomotive - 2003

Researching a Higher Efficiency Single-Turbine Steam Locomotive - 2003

The Steam-Powered Quasiturbine in Direct-Drive Railway Propulsion - 2003

The Possibility of a Stirling-Hydraulic Quasiturbine Locomotive - 2002

Drive trains for Steam-Turbine Locomotives - 2001

A combined cycle (steam) locomotive - 2001

Researching a nuclear-fuelled steam-turbine locomotive - 2001

Building a 21st Century Heavy Haul Steam Locomotive - 2001

The Uniflow Piston Engine in Future Steam Railway Locomotives - 2001

Researching the 21st Century Fireless Steam Locomotive - 2000

Developing a Heavy Haul 21st Century Steam Locomotive - 2000

Energy Related

Commercial Aviation After Peak Oil

The Case for Ice-Breaker Bulk Energy Carriers

Synthetic Hydrocarbon Production in a Low-Carbon Economy

Liquid Coal As a Transportation Fuel

Deriving BioSynthetic Fuel from Genetically Engineered Crops

Future Prospects for Biofuel Power Generation

The Rise of Biofuels

Alternate Ways to Generate Power from the Ocean

The Future Development of Small-scale Power Generation

The Potential of Viable Ocean Wave Mega Power Conversion

Waterless External Combustion Thermal Power Generation

The Future Potential for On-Site Small-scale Power Generation

The Quasiturbine in Geothermal Energy Conversion

Using the Quasiturbine to Regulate Natural Gas Pipeline Pressure and Flow-rate

Downstream Low-Grade Energy From the Natural Gas Industry