Short Report on the AAD 2006 Show - Dylan Knott

1 x Airbus 340-600
1 x Mirage F1AZ (Aerosud)
1 x Mirage III
1 x Hawk
1 x Allo III
4 x Harvards
2 x Casa 212
Silver Falcons
1 x Gripen
1 x Cheetah
A109 LUH
Avro Shackleton
1 x BK117
1 x C47TP
1 x DC3
2 x Oryx
Sasol L-39's x 2
Sasol Yak-55
Pitts Specials
Zlin 50 "Mazda Zoom" x 3
Thunder City Hunter
Thunder City Lightings x 4
"Spitfire" kit built model

DC6, SAAF Museum DC3, DC9, 1 x Gripen, 1 x Gripen mock-up, 1 x Cheetah C, 3
x Hawk, 1 x Super Frelon, Caravan C208, Cessna C185, Rooivalk, Mirage III,
C-130B, Wasp, 1 x "United Nations" Oryx painted white, Eurocopters AS350B3,
AS350BC, EC120B, EC130B4,EC135 and EC145, Huey's x 3, Brazilian Airforce
Embraer 145 AEW aircraft, 2 x Bell 205, Lear 45, SAPS Squirrel, AMS
Squirrel (medical standby), SAAF Albatross, R22, R44. Gate guard Impala and

 1 x Olifant Mk2 MBT, various Samil's, 2 ex-USSR tanks with mockup
weapons systems, 2 x Rooikat armoured cars, 1 x Renoster G6, 2 x Ratel Mk3
ZT3-AZ anti-tank, 1 x 35mm MK AA cannon, Engineering display.

1 x Namacurra.
Additional displays inside hangars from ThyssenKrupp showing models of the
Meko corvettes / Frigates and proposed LPH vessel.

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